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Live the best life right now

People may have come across this saying before. I have only just stumbled upon it but it's so simple and makes so much sense.

“ you must make the choice to take the chance if you want anything in life to change”

It's been shortened to the three C’s of life:

“Choice chance change”

It can relate to the simplest thing. For example, I made the choice to download the meetup application on my phone to take the chance of hiking out of London with organised groups, which has now changed my fitness enabling me to hike up mountains, even Kilimanjaro in 3 weeks and others planned for the future. To a bigger life change of making the choice to discharging myself from hospital in Austria (not dangerously), flying back to the UK, seeking out a neurological surgeon and having the chance of paying for surgery enabling myself to change the function of my arm. You can read about my accident in life changer and previous blogs I’ve written.

I used to really dislike change. It would make me anxious, flustered and completely knock me off keel. I would worry about the reason that something changed would be my fault, that I haven’t or have done something wrong. Sending my brain into overdrive of negative thoughts. I have gotten much better at accepting change and seeing it as a positive but with everything in life, there are times where I do go into worry mode but thats completely natural. It's ok to have those uncertain moments just as long as they stay moments.

As life goes on with the certain events that have occured in my life, good and bad, I truly believe that things do happen for a reason. To either put you on a certain path, improve the path you are already on or the person you currently are. As I've said previously, I was never a hiker especially a mountain hiker before my accident but Ive literally fallen into this and I am so greatfull that I did make those certain choices and took chances because I would not be where I am now, physically and mentally.

Sometimes it takes more than making a simple choice. You have to put the effort in to everything you decide to do to see a change. It takes effort but you will get good at everything you practice which turns into habit. For example, if you complain a lot you will become good at complaining and find fault in everything you do which then leads to a very unhappy life. So don't complain. Change what you don't like.

The choices we may make might not work out but seeing if it does may be the best adventure ever. The chances we will regret are the ones we didn’t take. Please remember that.

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