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Managing failures in life

Not worthy, disappointed, stuck, what direction, sad, lonely, broken, unlucky, fed up, what to focus on, done it all wrong, point of life, failure, these are all the thoughts and feelings that were going through my mind when I was told that louche wasn’t going to happen due to funding. I was more worried about what people were going to think. Since the selection process with The Adaptive Grand Slam last June, that’s all I’ve been going on about and been my sole focus in life. To also prove to people that even when terrible events happen you can achieve the greatest things if you put your mind to it. That I did and forgot everything else.

Saying that, this whole direction that my life is now in since my accident, with regards to hiking up mountains and the beauty I am able to whiteness, the training I have taken on. I really do enjoy it. I just need to combine it with other aspects to experience a more fulfilling life. Now, after all the training I have done, the hope from people following my story, I have decided I will be climbing Kilimanjaro the same time lobuche was planned for. It starts end of March. I don’t want to let people down and I want to still show people the achievements you can get from determination and drive. I will be trying I fund this myself so any help will be greatly appreciated more than you will ever know. Please click on the link below to see who I will be doing it with. City Mountaineering If you would like to donate to my climb, that would be amazing, anything would be a great help. I’ve set up a go fund me page that you can visit as this hike will be £3111.90 flights included.

Here’s to carrying on with life. Whatever direction you are put on.

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