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You are what you eat

I've always tried to be good with my food. Never counted calories but restricted certain things and reduced others. For example, the amount of dairy produce that had entered my stomach I try to minimise as much as I can without becoming that annoying friend who doesn't have milk in her coffee. Also, I love yoghurt’s but trying to find a shop that sells coconut milk yoghurt is difficult. It all started with watching this video and it just made sense. Why not to have dairy.

So I wanted to continue being healthier, eat and have the right things that will help with the recovery of my brain and nerves. I researched what I could take that would might help. Even though I searched repair, unfortunately you get nerve pain when changes are happening to your nerves. Doesn't mean that something bad is happening. This can be said for anything to do with your body.

I have managed to reduce most medication that I was put on because I have my own opinion on pharmaceutical drugs. Currently I am taking 75mg of pregablin twice a day. Now I'm also taking certain vitamins because of the my research and own knowledge of bodies. Every morning I take:

B complex




Eventually these will be reduced as well and be ingested preferably in my diet but it will take time to build my understanding of the best way to have more.

I don't know if this helps but researching different things cures my boredom and increases my chance of getting better.

At the moment my vestibular system acts like it's been effected. My balance is reduced, I get slightly dizzy changing positions and if you take away one of my senses I struggle to remain still.

As well as the brachial plexus injury to my right side which involves my nerves, I also have sensation changes in my left foot and hand, weakness in my left leg and changes with my speech and memory which all involved my nerves or brain. I am hoping that what I'm taking will help. At the moment with no specialist or consultant involved, I'll try anything.

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