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Just Getting Better

So I've been in hospital a month and I don't like having to be here but it's for me to get better and I am! I can't write very well because I have only got the use of my left hand even though the right is getting better. I thought I would write to carry on my progression and to update everyone.

New Year's Eve led to this but I don't blame anyone at all it's just a bad situation that happen to me no one's fault.

Apparently I was in a bad way the beginning but I don't remember. I was in a coma for 11 days after I went the wrong way down the mountain on my bum. No one do that please!

I don't remember much all I remember is dreaming about the fresh prince of bel air and being in the swimming pool! Oh dear.

So I'm getting better but I still need someone to help me walk and my right hand needs to get better fast! I damaged my brachial plexus on my right side and waiting for the nerves to improve if they don't then I will have to have surgery. Fingers crossed!!

I'm still in Austria. I'm glad that I am as being a Physio in England I know what happens to people of my age that needs therapy to get better. I wish I was actually skiing but I wasn't I was just on my bum. Oh dear!

So now it's time for me to say goodbye and good therapy! Fingers crossed I will get better and I get home soon, but it's just been a month. I keep forgetting.

Love you all. Thank you everyone. I'm trying to get better so I won't speak to anyone that doesn't know and asks me loads.




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