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Grilled Banana and Blueberry Dessert

I love a dessert! In fact, I just love food in general and lots of it. Thats why I have to try and make what I eat as 'guilt free' as possible. Sometimes I manage it, sometimes not (which I pretend doesn't happen, I will address this in the future). So tonight I made something that I tend to make quite a bit. Its so easy, doesnt take much time and tastes so naughty.


  • 1 medium banana

  • hand full of blueberries

  • 2 pieces of 85% dark chocolate

  • sprinkle of cinnamen

  • 2 tablespoons of Alpro plain with coconut yoghurt


Turn the grill on to a medium heat

Cut the banana in half length ways and place on a tray

Sprinkle the cinnamon onto the banana

Place the tray under the grill for approx 5 minutes

Remove when desired goldeness has been reached

Put chocolate in microwave proof dish for approx 40 seconds (or till melted)

Remove with oven glove unless you are after this effect (whoops)

Place all ingredients into a bowl

Drizzle chocolate over contents of said bowl

And enjoy :)

For reference, below are the macros (micronutrients) for this dessert. It also happens to be veggi, vegan and gluten friendly. I have used a soya yoghurt (normally would have used coconut but ran out) as I try to be dairy free as much as possible. Reasons and discussion about this will be in a future blog post.


  • PROTEIN 5g


  • SUGAR 25g

  • FAT 6g

  • TOTAL CALS 242

*Side note*

Dont be worried that the sugar and carb content apprears to be high. The majority of this has come from the banana and blueberries. In fact, approximatly 39g of carbs and 22g of sugar has come from the fruit used. Your body utilises this in a different way to refined sugar and the fibre helps keep the insulin release steady and your blood glucose level low.


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