For tragedy has the power to motivate the human mind

March 18, 2018

I was going to be living in St Anton, Austria, for the ski season working as a physiotherapist for snow sports. 31st December 2015, my friends and I decided to hike up the mountain from Ochsengarten to see igloos that had been built at the top and celebrate new years e...

March 11, 2018

People may have come across this saying before. I have only just stumbled upon it but it's so simple and makes so much sense.

“ you must make the choice to take the chance if you want anything in life to change”

It's been shortened to the three C’s of life:

“Choice chance...

February 11, 2018

Not worthy, disappointed, stuck, what direction, sad, lonely, broken, unlucky, fed up, what to focus on, done it all wrong, point of life, failure, these are all the thoughts and feelings that were going through my mind when I was told that louche wasn’t going to happe...

February 10, 2018

Ben Lomond and Ben Narnain: January 2017

So, I’ve been trying to do as much training as I can, well, quite a lot actually, I mean nearly daily. Nightly, high intensity interval training after work with the acception of the occasional ‘life admin/social face showing’ and...

February 3, 2018

September/October 2017: The start of my mountaineering adventures, something that I never imagined I would be into. For those of you reading this and not sure why, please read my previous blogs and watch the videos. You will understand how I have now come to be on this...

January 16, 2018

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This is the short progrm that was shown in German over Europe about my accident, recovery and Everest plans. I hope people watch this and realise that no matter what happens, ther...

December 23, 2017

After I had my accident and pretty much the whole of last year and the beginning of this year, I felt so very lost and thought that the person I had developed and grown up to be was traumatically gone. I actually feel I had to go through some kind of grieving process a...

October 5, 2017

A little video I’ve made of my progression over a year and half. From coming out of a coma and learning to walk again, to hiking up the highest mountain in Italy. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Believe me ✨

September 29, 2017

It can’t be roses and unicorns all the time......right?? We all want our lives to be a bundle of pure happiness and joy and with the array of social media platforms we have access to now a days, what’s posted tends to be the best days, the nicest holidays, the best fla...

July 23, 2017

I could real off excuse after excuse about why I haven't written a blog post this year but that wouldn't be good enough and that's all it would be. An excuse. All of those so called excuses I could real off can be turned around to the one real reason why I should have...

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